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    This post is to inform you of recent and growing concerns we are having with side chat warriors. - Creating a toxic/bad name for our gang will no longer be tolerated - In interview it has been stated that we are Firm on No Side Chat Abuse - Disciplinary action is now as follows for such infractions * first offense (Verbal Warning) * second offense ( -3 Points) * 3rd offense ( -6 points, resulting in removal from the gang) THIS IS FIRM and all Generals and Captains will be briefed on the TOPIC No one I repeat NO ONE is exempt from this, if you are are Sargent or higher and are found in violation after Verbal warning you will be Deranked If you are found in Violation of this rule your consideration for a promotion at the end of the month will be Null and Void * I have instructed Generals to Kill the player in violation of the rule when we see them 1x and cost them there load out* (DON'T BE THAT GUY) Any questions to this change can be addressed by any online Generals (Lucky, Vixen, Barnes, Willi) Thanks Willi
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    Just some highlights from gang tearing it up!
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    Dopeeeeeeeee, lots of badass games coming out.
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    Ayeeeeeeeeee, im going to upload my video in the car. lol
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    Bringing some live to this forum. Any one got this yeat ?
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    Looks awesome!