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Borderlands 2 Preview!

Borderlands 2, the sequel to the immensely popular FPS/RPG hybrid Borderlands, takes place several years after the first and will again see players roaming the planet of Pandora and collecting vast swathes of loot after having killed tons of skags, bad guys and the odd midget or two. The game world is said to be roughly twice the size of the first with a much more diverse set of environments for the player to explore, more types of baddies to kill and a big increase in enemy numbers. Aside from its extremely addictive frag-and-reward type of gameplay, one of the best parts of the first game was playing with your friends in coop mode, and it’s no great surprise to see this feature has been implemented in the next game as co-op will also make a return, with drop-in drop-out support again included.

Unfortunately for fans of the first game, although the original characters can be found in the game, they will be npc’s this time around. Like the first game there are four character classes but this time instead of Brick we have Salvador – a dual wielding “gunzerker” whose steroid abuse has left him with somewhat stunted growth. Lilith has been replaced by Maya – a femme fatale who has the ability to encase enemies within a force field and lift them high up into the air, making her an ideal coop partner as her teammates can easily take out enemies whilst they are incapacitated in her forcefield. Borderlands soldier class, Roland, is substituted by a commando class who goes by the name Axton and from what we’ve seen so far he looks to be pretty similar to Roland but this time his turret is able to fire in a full 360 degree arc making it even more devastating than last time round. Last but by no means least we have my personal favourite from the first game, Mordecai, taken over by the mysterious zer0. His skill, deception, deploys a decoy hologram of himself and cloaks the character allowing you to stealthily stalk your enemy and take them out with your shiny new sword.

The release date of the 18th September can’t come soon enough!

System Requirements:

Borderlands 2 system requirements (minimum)

CPU: 2 GHz dual core 64-bit Intel or AMD processor
RAM: 1GB of system memory
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible 512 MB graphics card, Nvidia 200 series series or AMD Radeon 4000 series.
Operating system: Windows XP SP2
DirectX compatible sound card
12 GB of hard drive space

Borderlands 2 system requirements (recommended)

CPU: 2.8 GHz dual core 64-bit Intel or AMD processor
Graphics: DirectX 10 compatible 1GB graphics card, Nvidia 400 / AMD 5000 series.
Operating system: Windows 7
DirectX compatible sound card
12 GB of hard drive space


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